Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Morfit work?
At the heart of Morfit is a material [interlock foam] that can mould to the shape of your back. Then to ‘fix’ this shape the pump creates a vacuum to interlock the material to turn it into a stable structure. To reset Morfit, the pump adds air. Morfit is not an inflatable.
It’s an inflatable, right?
NO. Morfit must be used in a vacuum mode. To see how it works please see our video ‘How does Morfit work?’
How often will I need to reset Morfit?
Once set, Morfit will hold its shape for a few weeks. You will know if it needs resetting as it will go soft and lose its shape. However, some people like to reset it much more often, i.e. every trip, and this is also fine.
What is the difference between the Manual and the Electric Morfit?
The lumbar support itself is the same for both models, the difference is the pump. If you prefer a single button press operation then Morfit Electric is for you.
Do I need to reset Morfit if I use it in a different vehicle?
Yes, for optimum results it is best to reset Morfit whenever you change the seat you are using it in.
How does Morfit attach to the seat to stop it moving around?
Morfit attaches to the seat with two fully adjustable elastic straps, a vertical one which goes around the base of the headrest and a horizontal one which goes around the seat. Morfit can be used with either one or both straps.
Should I fit Morfit between the seat cover and the seat or on top of the seat cover?
Morfit is best fitted on top of a seat cover.
How thick is Morfit at the thickest point?
Morfit can change its thickness from 10mm up to 50mm depending on how it is shaped.
How long does the battery last in the electric version?
The battery will last up to 150 cycles on one charge. Then it needs to be recharged using the USB-type C cable provided. Recharging takes up to 4 hours.
Can Morfit provide sideways support?
Morfit does provide side or lateral support, as long as the seat is not a bench seat. The side 'wings' of Morfit wrap around you a little in a vehicle seat and provide this support.
Can I use Morfit if my car already has an adjustable lumbar support?
Yes, but please make your vehicle’s lumbar support as small as possible so that it doesn’t interfere with the performance of Morfit.
Will Morfit work okay in a sports seat?
Yes, we have installed a number in racing cars. However, although Morfit is slim, there still must be enough room to slip it in behind the driver.
Can I use Morfit if my seat has side airbags?
Yes, just use only the headrest strap to secure Morfit to your seat and leave the horizontal strap unattached.
Can Morfit be used in the passenger seat?
Can Morfit be used in the rear seats of a vehicle?
Yes, it works well here.
Can I use Morfit in a plane?
Yes, Morfit works well in planes. You will not need the straps, just place it in the right place in your back. If you set it on the runway, you might notice that it becomes softer once at altitude as the cabin air pressure reduces. No problem, just reset it at cruising altitude. If you take the electric pump on a plane, you MUST take it as carry-on luggage as it has a battery. You would need to do this anyway if you intend to use it. Top tip: when you board the plane, you can ‘wear’ Morfit by strapping it around your waist by using the horizontal strap, this means one less thing to carry.
Can I use Morfit in an office chair or armchair?
Yes, although Morfit is specifically designed for a vehicle seat it can be used in many other seats. Please be aware the strapping system may not work as well in other seats.
Can I use Morfit in a wheelchair?
Yes, we have a number installed in wheelchairs. However, we recommend that the user must be able to communicate the comfort level, as when Morfit is set up, it must fit well, otherwise, like ill-fitting shoes, it may rub.
I have lost my pump, can I get a replacement one?
Yes, please send us a message with the model you require and we will organise this with you.
What happens if I break a component?
We have designed Morfit so that all the components can be replaced. Just get in touch with us and we can send you the part and get you back up and running.
I need to order Morfit for some of my employees, which one would you recommend?
We highly recommend the Morfit Electric in this case, as it is so easy to set up.
Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK. To get to the correct website for shipping please use the country selector at the bottom of the page. If you are in another country please get in touch as we may be able to ship to you for an extra postage fee.
Do you send to PO Boxes?
Can I cancel or change my order?
Please contact us straight away if you wish to cancel or change your order, this is usually possible if the order has not yet been sent.
Do you have a pickup option?
No, your Morfit will need to be shipped to you. We do have a few retailers that stock Morfit so please get in touch if you’d like to know if there’s one near you.
Is there somewhere I can try Morfit?
We do have a few retailers that stock Morfit and some may have a sample for you to look at, please get in touch if you’d like to know if there’s one near you.
Can I get a quote for a Morfit?
Yes, please send us a message with the model you would like and any details required, and we will send one through.
Can you send me a GST/tax invoice?
Yes, please send us a message with your order number and we will send one through.
My Morfit softens over the day, should this be happening?
If the Morfit is set in cool temperatures (ie a cold winter morning) as the car warms up it can cause Morfit to soften slightly. To overcome this, set Morfit up when the car is warm. If it softens quickly without a temperature change please get in touch and we can help you sort this out.
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