The top reasons driving hurts our backs.

driving and back pain

General immobility – We are stuck in one position for unnaturally long periods of time. We have to keep:

  • hold of the steering wheel
  • our feet on the pedals
  • looking out of the front windscreen

Our bodies and muscles were designed to move, without this movement, muscles tire easily, they look for an easier option, they relax and stop supporting our spines.

Poor seat support – If the seat does not fit us and gives us correct support, as the muscles take a rest, we can be in trouble. Our spines will slump away from a good neutral position, our body weight loads the spinal joints in a way for which they were not designed, this all results in trouble.

Vibration – Unfortunately, the vibration forces that we receive when driving exaggerate the situations described above. This has been studied over many years*.

*Meta-analysis of 69 studies looking at back pain driving and vibration forces, published by the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health by Bovenzi 1998 and Ling 2000 (1 & 2)